Rainy April = Time to Combat Slugs!

26 April 2012 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Nemaslug Slug ControlWho would've thought there was a drought at the moment? Some of the showers we've had here in the south have been so torrential that it's been impossible to do any gardening without getting drenched!

I think we've had rain every day this month and last time I attempted to do some gardening on a dry morning I ended up getting very muddy and making a bit of a mess in the border. As soon as the weather clears up for long enough there's going to be an awful lot of weeding to do, that's for sure!

Despite gardening being off the cards, this weather couldn't be more perfect to start controlling sugs in your garden with Nemaslug Slug Killer before they cause damage to your young plants. 

Nemaslug is a natural slug control containing millions of naturally occurring microscopic nematodes that kill slugs both above and below ground, so it starts to control them before they've properly emerged in the spring and before you've even noticed any damage. The best thing is, they're comlpletely harmless to birds, hedgehogs and other wildlife.

The nematodes in Nemaslug live longer in wet soil that's below 7 degrees Celcius. March and April are the optimum times to use Nemaslug, and the rain really helps to wash the nematodes in and keep them active for as long as possible.


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