Purple Sprouting Broccoli: The First Signs of the End of a Harvest

12 March 2015 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Broccoli Seeds - Early Purple Sprouting BlendPurple Sprouting Broccoli is a wonderful crop to grow and it provides a great harvest when nothing much else is available. However, it will all be gone soon. It’s been a really good season for PSB but over the next month it’s expected to all get munched up.

We love PSB because it’s delicious and versatile. Of course the standard way to cook it is by boiling it, although we think that steaming produces a much better result. When added to a stir fry it takes on a whole other level of flavour. The tiny gaps in the florets soak up so much flavour of any sauce and will perfectly capture the essence of any dish. Purple sprouting broccoli is perfectly suited to stir frying because, as well as sponging up the flavour, it retains its texture and stays nice and crisp.

The other way we like to use PSB is in a soup, particularly Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Stilton Soup. Some people think that this is a waste of a perfectly good vegetable that should be eaten whole. However, we think that the delicate flavour is only enhanced. There’s no need to add loads of stilton either, just a few chunks sprinkled over the top.

It’s a little bit sad that it’s almost all gone but the exciting thing is that the new crop, which we sowed in a heated greenhouse in Mid-February, is growing strong. There’s plenty of little seedlings that will become strong plants and produce a great harvest next season. We can’t wait!

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