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29 January 2018 | Posted in General by The Marshalls Family

purple reign blogIt is a new year and as such it brings new plans for your garden. What are you planning? Have you picked out your flowers and vegetables? Do you have a colour scheme in place? I have decided to cover my garden in Dahlias (definitely the Purple Gem), with a specific area set aside for growing some herbs.

Marshalls likes to keep on top of the trends for the coming year and one of that has caught my eye is the Purple Reign trend, it is my favourite colour after all. As you would imagine this trend includes planting different varieties of purple plants in your garden but it is much more than that. Purple foods are what this trend is really about.

The colour purple

It has been described as one of those colours that you either love or hate and every colour represents something different. Purple is made up of blue which is attributed to stability and red which is attributed to energy. Throughout history it would have been a rare colour found within nature with the earliest dyes being used in 1900 B.C. It would take 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5 grams of pure dye! Because of this, purple became associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. Over the years however, the process became less costly and complex, allowing more people to have access to it. It is said to be the colour that symbolises the union of your body and soul, but also mystery, magic, power and luxury.

Why should you go purple for 2018?

It goes beyond the vibrant colour and great taste of purple fruit and vegetables. They also promote mental focus, which is the first step to mental wellness. Purple plants visually recede in a garden helping to make a small space feel larger. It is a colour that relates to the imagination and allows us to get in touch with our deepest thoughts so you can let your imagination run wild designing your 2018 garden. The colour purple is the daydreamers escape from reality and ensures the harmony of the mind and emotions which in turn contributes to mental balance and stability. After writing this blog I have fallen in love with purple a little bit more. Fill your garden with this vibrant colour whether flowers, fruit or vegetables and you will have a healthier body and mind.


What is Purple Reign all about?

According to the USDA (United States Agricultural Department), purple antioxidants help to fight cancer, have anti-aging benefits, reduce obesity and protect the heart. Purple is the new colour of health, with science backing up the fact that they can help defend our bodies from disease whilst tasting pretty good at the same time. I love blueberries so it is good to know that they are one of the healthiest fruits around.  The colour purple as also said to promote mental strength and well-being.

Get involved

It easy for you to be on trend this year and here is how. Each of these fruits and vegetables will provide amazing health benefits to you and your family as they are full of potent antioxidants. I love the Sweet Potato Molokai, Broccoli Extra Early Rudolph, Carrot Purple Haze, French Bean Purple Cascade and the Asparagus Pacific Purple Crowns. When it comes to fruit why not add the Blackberry Purple Opal or Black Cascade (both are compact varieties so space does not matter), the Blueberry Bluegold or Blueberry Fizz (both are incredibly easy to grow and extremely low in calories) and lastly we have the Plum Tree Czar or the Shropshire Prune Damson Plum tree which is suitable for the patio.



Purple ornamentals such as the beautiful Trixie Treasure Chest, Osteospermum Flower Power Purple Explosion, Tumbelina Priscilla, Petunia Ovation Dark Heart and the Petunia Night Sky will add the perfect pop of purple to any garden, patio or balcony. Alternatively you could add some perennials such as the new Aquilegia Vulgaris Winky Weah, Agastache Purple Haze or the Monarda Blue Stocking.

Purple around the world

  • The USA have the Purple Heart Military Award for those injured or killed whilst in service
  • In Tudor Britain and in Thailand, Italy and Brazil today it the colour of mourning
  • It denotes virtue and faith in Egypt
  • In Iran it is the colour of what is to come
  • It represents the planet Jupiter
  • It is the highest denomination poker chip - $5000

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for inspiration on how you can be on trend this year.

By Jemma Cox

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