Poppy Centenary - An Amazing Story!

18 September 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Poppy FieldEd and Stan with Poppy seedsPoppy Centenary - An Amazing Story!

Stanley Kaye's request for some poppy seeds to be planted to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War captured the attention of our Head of E-Commerce Ed Schofield.

Ed thought it was a fantastic idea and had no hesitation in donating 1,500 packets of poppy seeds from Unwin/Marshalls Seeds to schools in East Anglia in an attempt to get the planting off to a flying start and enabling schools to create their own poppy fields for 2014.  In a rather bizarre coincidence - Ed's daughter's middle name is Poppy!

This poignant campaign to remember the First World War by planting poppies across the region is gathering massive momentum and Mr Kaye has received support from local political figures in Britain and from organisations across the globe - he has even had good wishes for the campaign from the Queen! Initiatives to plant poppies as a direct result of Mr. Kaye's inspired campaign are also underway in Asia, Europe and North America.

The World War One conflict saw unprecedented levels of carnage and destruction from appalling trench warfare. Machine guns, tanks and chemical weapons caused immeasurable loss of life and horrendous physical and mental damage. By the end of the war more than nine million soldiers had been killed and 21 million wounded.

From the ashes of this dreadful carnage in the trenches sprang fields of hope - millions of poppies - which have since become the symbol of hope and remembrance worldwide.

Here at Marshalls we wholeheartedly support Stan in his campaign and we would like to see a veritable sea of poppies across not just our area but across the whole country for next years Centenary of Remembrance.

It is important that our children understand the meaning of the Poppy of Remembrance and learn the story - we owe it to those who died so we might have a future -  to never forget.


19 September 2013 - Keith Cotter Wrote:

What a fantastic response to Stanley Kaye's request for poppy seeds. Well done Marshalls, your gesture will be seen and appreciated by all.

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