Plant a Mixed Herb Container

26 March 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Planting a Mixed Herb Container

You don’t need a large space to grow some useful herbs, it’s easy to make an attractive mixed planter to keep close to the house so you can pop out and nip off a few sprigs for your kitchen.

When your Young Herb Plants arrive they may be quite small but this is normal, once potted on they will soon begin to romp away. Pot them into 3½ pots to grow on and develop a good root system before planting into their final container. Use quite a large container as they will put on quite a lot of growth over the summer months.

Some of my plants were quite small when they were delivered in April last year but I potted them on and within four weeks they had grown really well with foliage covering the top of the pots of most of them and they were ready to plant out into my container which is about 40cms diameter. A few weeks further on and the container was looking really good and I had started to pick the herbs for cooking.

A collection of individually planted pots of herbs can also look very effective in a sunny corner. Use pots of different shapes and sizes and a mixture of varieties with varying heights and form to give the best effect.


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