Perfect patio fruit

24 April 2019 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Perfect-for-patio fruit trees and shrubs

Grow a wide range of fruit shrubs and trees whether you have an extensive allotment plot or even the smallest of balconies. All these varieties are perfect for growing in containers, reaching a maximum height of 3m (10ft) for attainable harvests.

PF Three patio fruit pots Here are some of our favourites;

The best of summer fruits

PF blueberry

Blueberry Blue Sapphire

Compact and heavy-cropping shrub. Simply grow in pots filled with ericaceous compost and fruits in abundance. Harvest berries in August and September and enjoy the autumn colours of the leaves from October. Prune stems lightly after fruiting to keep a balanced framework of stems.


PF raspberryRaspberry 'Ruby Beauty’

Spine-free variety, producing around 1.5kg (3 ½ lbs) of fruit each season. This variety grows to 90cm (36in) so is perfect for small spaces and easy to protect from birds with netting. Simply cut back fruited stems back to the base of the plant in mid-August leaving the leafy stems to grow for fruit next year.


Autumn-harvests: excellent tree fruit

Fruit trees in 9 litre pots are the perfect size and stage in their development for growing on a patio or balcony. Our varieties are grown on dwarfing rootstocks so attain a manageable height perfect for harvesting delicious fruit and pruning to keep trees in good shape.


PF cherryCherry 'Summer Sun’

A sweet-cherry variety, the delicious cherries which ripen from red to almost black which you can start picking from the end of July. It’s self-fertile so will produce fruit even when planted in isolation.



PF plumPlum 'Opal’

This self-fertile variety’s popularity comes from them reliably producing a heavy crop of superbly sweet, juicy versatile plums; perfect for pies, puddings jams or eating fresh from the tree.



PF appleApple 'Elstar’

Makes a great juicing apple for thirst-quenching refreshment. One of the heaviest yielding varieties apple that there is. It’s also an excellent pollinator for other varieties. We recommend you grow two of these together to optimise fruiting.  



PF nectarineNectarine ‘Lord Napier’

When in the full sun the nectarines skin has a wonderful, dark red to purple blush. Inside the delicious juicy, white flesh is sweet, refreshing and the perfect fruit to get your teeth into on a hot summer's day. 



PF damsonDamson 'Shropshire Prune’

In full sun the skin puts on a wonderful, dark crimson glow. But it's when you bite into the juicy, white flesh, with its melt-in-the-mouth texture that you can fully appreciate its quality.

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