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29 March 2009 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Raised Bed Gardening

29th March 2009

Thank goodness my raised bed garden is officially weed-free (at the moment)! We finally finished weeding the raised garden beds and I couldn’t believe how many weeds had grown among the brassicas in just a couple of weeks. I sprinkled some general fertiliser around the plants after weeding to give them a bit of a boost.
Potato- Bed Kit
The potatoes had chitted quite well, the shoots weren’t very long but they were nice and strong so we decided to get them planted anyway, while it was a nice sunny day.
I put a handful of potato fertiliser in the trench before planting and sprinkled some more on the soil before covering the potatoes.

I sowed another row of peas in some guttering in the greenhouse and potted up a couple of bare-root Agapanthus.

A couple of weeks ago I put a cloche lengthways over one of the raised gardening beds to warm the soil ready to begin sowing carrots. However this week I decided to sow them in short rows widthways on the raised beds (so much for forward planning!) It will be interesting to see if one end of the row comes through any sooner. With hindsight I should have covered the whole raised gadening bed with a couple of layers of fleece rather than a cloche over part of it. Anyway I sowed a short row of Carrot Resistafly and another of Ascania. Carrots are one of our favourite vegetables so I plan to keep sowing in succession to give a long cropping season. I covered the rows with the cloche to keep them snug.

Now we’ve got caught up with the all the weeding and tidying I’m planning to put another raised gardening bed in, there is a small piece of garden beside my raised beds that back on to the wall of the garage. This is quite a warm area as it faces more or less south and the warmth is retained in the brickwork so I think I’m going to grow my tomatoes, courgettes and squash there once the raised bed is built, (next weekend I hope)!

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