Pat's Plot - Potting Up My First Plants

04 April 2009 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Weekend 4/5th April 2009


The sun came out on Saturday afternoon so we managed to get the two extra raised beds built. Once that was done I spent the rest of the afternoon potting up bedding plug plants. These small plugs easily dry out in the mail so need unpacking and potting on as soon as possible once you receive them. There were 40 plants in a tray and I decided to pot them into 5cm cells to grow on. In all I potted on four different varieties and I have to say they are superb little plants!

Sunday proved to be a lovely fine, sunny day and I had a tray of young basket and patio plants to pot on, I had a ‘gardeners helper’ in the form of my granddaughter Libby who, like most children loves sowing and planting. It’s something all children can have a go at. Even if you don’t have a big garden they can still grow things in pots.

We got ourselves organised with a potting tray, jiffy pots and compost at the garden table. Libby was filling the pots with compost ready for me to pot the plants which worked very well, however as you might suspect that didn’t last for long and when my back was turned she was doing both filling and planting! I gave up halfway through and left her to it as she was doing such a good job. After a very industrious hour there were about 60 pots filled, some were in a tray ready to go back into the greenhouse and the rest she had neatly lined up on the garden bench ready to be watered. She rooted about in the greenhouse and managed to find an old packet of sunflowers seeds and planted those too, but they were so old I have no idea if they will germinate.

We raked over one of the new beds, I’m growing squash, courgettes and tomatoes in the other one so I got hubby to empty out the compost bin and spread some of the compost on it ready for them. He put the rest on one of the other beds. Once the seed bed was raked reasonably well we got busy sowing an assortment of seeds. Libby wanted to grow some purple carrots so we did a row of Purple Haze, a row of Spring Onion Furio, Beetroot Action, some Baby Leaf Salad Mix, a row of Rocket Oakley and some red and gold mustard and finally a row of Carrot Rocket. Libby gave them all a good watering before we covered the bed with a layer of fleece to keep them warm and give them a good start.

It was a really great weekend, the weather couldn’t have been better and it was so nice to be on top of the necessary things like weeding, so we could enjoy our potting at leisure out in the sunshine.


01 May 2009 - Pam Hill Wrote:

Hiya! I have a small yard with a tiny bed area and want to plant some veg in pots. I tried last year with runner beans but had a miserable crop in a huge pot- lots of growth but few beans. Any suggestions on how to do better this year? thanks

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