Pat's Plot - I Finally Managed to Get Out Into The Garden!

02 February 2009 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Saturday 28 February 2009

I finally managed to get out into the garden last weekend. The first job had to be clearing out the greenhouse, for some reason over the winter it seems to be a repository for all sorts of junk and rubbish. I have to wait until my husband is also available as usually moving the stuff out to prepare for a good clean, invariably manages to disturb big spiders! I am not a squeamish person and don’t mind mice, snakes, frogs, beetles or anything else, but I have a deep and abiding phobia of the eight legged things that seem to hide in among my bits of fleece and capillary matting during the winter.

I make hubby shake everything he pulls outside before I’ll even go near anything to fold or clean and still I had a very near miss! I was being very brave and had actually gone into the half empty greenhouse to take out a box with plant labels and other bits and pieces when a black, fat bodied beastie ran out from under the capillary matting! Greased lightning has got nothing on me! I was out and halfway across the lawn screeching like a banshee, toes all curled up in my boots and wringing my hands for all I was worth shouting Get it! Get it! But of course he was too slow and it had disappeared (I think he’s scared of them too and that’s why he’s slow getting there). I flatly refused to go back in there until it was completely empty, swept out and disinfected.

Once that was completed and everything had been brushed down, de-webbed and washed out where necessary we began putting the useful stuff back. That was when I had my second encounter. This time I was inside the greenhouse, my husband was outside emptying a box of pots when he suddenly said ‘that’s a big one’, it was definitely a Tarantula and it was heading at speed towards the greenhouse with me trapped inside! Once again I was shouting hysterically but this time my cry was ‘I can’t get out! I can’t get out! Hubby put his size ten on it but I’m afraid I was a gibbering wreck for ages afterwards! I directed proceedings outside and from a distance after that until I was happy that there was nothing else lurking waiting to give me a heart attack!

After all this drama we actually managed to start on the garden. I have four 8ft x 4ft raised beds for growing veg, it is surprising how much you can grow in a small area. It doesn’t need too much work at the moment as we had a tidying-up session at the end of last year and as it’s been cold there aren’t too many weeds.

I have a length of guttering cut to fit the width of one of the beds, which I use for sowing peas in the greenhouse so I can get an earlier crop. Although my nerves were still in shreds I summoned all my courage and went back in the greenhouse to sow them - and I was fine!

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