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27 February 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Pats Plot 2013

27th February

I’m finally hoping to spend some time in the garden this weekend – weather permitting!

I haven’t done anything outside for ages, I had a couple of good days in the garden in early January when I had a bit of a tidy up and cut back a lot of old perennial stems and such like stuff but the ground was too soggy to do much in the way of digging or forking over the beds. We had a lovely weekend a couple of weeks ago but I was in bed with flu so missed it completely!

This weekend is going to be the turn of the veg garden. I have four 8 x 4ft raised beds which are completely bare at the moment and they are weed-free too thanks to my three chickens who have been happily scratching and foraging on them for the last few weeks. I’m really hoping they will have made a big hole in the slug population too – last year was a nightmare with the horrible slimy critters – I think it was slug heaven with all the wet weather! As soon as the weather warms up this I’ll make sure I get Nemaslug on the beds and hope that a combination of chickens and nematodes will do the trick.

One of my beds is rather stony and I’ve noticed that where the chooks have been scratching they’ve brought a lot of the stones to the surface so I’ll rake off an many as I can before I sow or plant anything. I’m going to empty the compost bins onto the beds and mix it with some Organic Extra both of which will enrich the beds with lots of organic matter to improve the structure of the soil and add lots of nutrients ready for sowing and planting in a few weeks. Once I’ve spread the muck I’ll cover a couple of beds with fleece to help warm the soil up a bit.

Another job that is getting a bit desperate now is the greenhouse – I really need to give a good clear-out and a clean – the trouble is it’s one of those jobs I keep putting off until ‘tomorrow’ - but I must get to it soon!

Well it Wednesday now and my plans are made so we’ll see what happens at the weekend and whether they actually come to fruition!

Happy gardening


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