Pat's Plot 1st May

01 May 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Runner Beans

Well it's the first of May and I woke this morning to a sharp frost and thick fog! Thank goodness I covered the beds with fleece and insect mesh when I sowed and planted last week,which should give them some protection. The good news is once the fog burns off the sun is coming out and it's predicted to be a beautiful spring day - and that's not all - it's finally going to be a lovely Bank Holiday weekend too! (Can you believe that!)

I'm going to be sowing my Runner Beans in the greenhouse at the weekend I'm growing both Firestorm and Stardust so I have a mix of red and white flowers which look very pretty in the garden as well as giving lots of beans. I sow the beans in cardboard tubes from toilet rolls and plant the whole thing, cardboard and all, that way there is no root disturbance and the cardboard helps retain moisture and soon breaks down and the roots go down nice and deep.

I actually got round to making a bean trench earlier in the year (on one of those rare days when the weather allowed me to get out on the garden!) I dug the trench and filled it with shredded newspaper, kitchen peelings and compost. As this all breaks down in the soil it will feed the plants and retain moisture right down at the roots where it's needed, I'm hoping this will give me a bumper crop - I'll keep you posted!

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