Pats Plot 19th March

19 March 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family


Tidied round the borders today and got my husband to dig out a couple of shrubs to make room for some more perennials in the border. I seem to be on my hands and knees a lot lately trying to pull out all the little seedlings of Speedwell that seeds itself everywhere - it’s a pretty little blue flower but I really don’t want it all over my borders - it’s rampaging over the lawn too!

I had a helper today in the form of my granddaughter Libby and I have to say that at 9 years old now she does actually help not hinder! I sowed a short row of each Carrot Marion, Carrot Purple Haze and Beetroot Action. I’ve decided to sow every 2-3 weeks across the bed which is 4ft wide so I can have continuous cropping of carrots which are one of our favourite vegetables. Libby wrote out the labels (rather decoratively with hearts and flowers too!) and did the watering of the rows then she helped me cover the bed with fleece to help them germinate.

Child Growing Seeds

She sowed her own seeds in a couple of small troughs, deciding on Baby Leaf Salad Mix and Oriental Stir Fry Mix. She covered them with a layer of vermiculite watered them in and then put them in the greenhouse to germinate. I’ve got a tray of Begonia corms in there too and they are just beginning to show some small shoots.

The plants in the Greenhouse Gro-Bed are really moving now and on Friday I picked the first Spinach. Also in the bed is Lettuce Bijou, Land Cress, Lambs Lettuce and Provencale Mix so we enjoyed a delicious baby leaf salad over the weekend and there was enough left for my lunch on Monday. Trouble is I forgot to take a before and after (cutting) photo, I’ll take one in a couple of days.


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