Pats Plot 13th March

13 March 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family


It was a nice fine day on Sunday so I finished off weeding the vegetable beds they weren’t too bad really just a bit of chickweed to pull out. I then raked them over ready for sowing and covered one of them with a couple of layers of fleece to warm the soil up a bit.

There isn’t much in the veg garden at the moment except the onions and garlic I planted in the autumn and a few savoy cabbage plants that have overwintered. My potatoes are chitting away nicely ready for planting in a couple of weeks.

Spinach From the Grow bed

In the greenhouse I’ve got a Gro-Bed sown with various salads and a row of spinach. I do have to admit that I didn’t think it would come to anything much as I didn’t sow the seeds until very late in October. We were on holiday in the middle of November when the weather turned really cold and nasty and the bed wasn’t covered with fleece to give any extra protection. However the seeds all germinated and have grown away amazingly well over the last month, I was tempted to pick a few leaves but decided to leave them a bit longer.


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