Organic Extra

29 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Organic Extra 11kgWe’ve been selling Organic Extra for a while now. It’s our exclusive super-concentrated fertiliser and loads of you have emailed and written to us saying that it’s worked really well in your garden. You’ve left loads of great Feefo review like:

  • ‘Organic extra is very good. I use it all the time. Saves humping barrow loads of manure.’
  • ‘Always buy this product best there is.’

However there have been a few questions from people who haven’t used it before, asking us why it’s different from other fertilisers and why it’s better.

So what are the benefits? Well it’s made of 100% organic natural concentrated farmyard manure with added seaweed extract which contains essential trace elements and minerals to boost crops and healthy growth, so it’s perfect for the vegetable plot and garden. It’s super-concentrated, lightweight and dry but can be soaked in water to create a nutritious liquid feed making it really is versatile. Because it's super-concentrated you only require a couple of handfuls per square yard. It releases the nutrients to your plants over a long period, however, unlike fresh manure or chemical fertilisers, it won't scorch or damage your plants. The main point is that it’s perfect for use with all fruit, vegetables and ornamentals and will help to promote a bumper crop and maximum flowering. 

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