Onion 'Marshalls Red Fen' awarded the RHS AGM

13 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Marshalls Red FenIf you read the RHS magazine The Garden you might have noticed Marshalls being mentioned on pages 47 - 48. Our ‘Marshalls Red Fen’ onion has received an AGM in their recent 2013 trial. The trial at RHS Garden Wisley included 21 different onion set cultivars, 70 sets each of:

'Red Baron', 'Sturon', 'Stuttgarter', 'Autumn Gold Improved', 'Centurion', 'Garnet', 'Golden Ball', 'Griffon', 'Hercules', 'Marshalls Fen Early', 'Marshalls New Fen Globe', 'Marshalls Red Fen', 'Red Arrow', 'Rosanna', 'Rumba' (PBR), 'Santero', 'Setton' (PBR), 'Silver Moon', 'Spitfire', ‘Stuttgarter Stanfield', 'Turbo' and 35 of 'Vulcan'.

They were all planted in mid-March and harvested in August and all were assessed for yield, resistance to bolting, earliness, uniformity and skin quality. Then 25 of each were stored and assessed for storage quality. 12 of the original were given the RHS AGM.

This trial release comes at the perfect time because now is the perfect time to plant tem, as explained by the RHS in their humorously entitled article ‘Ready, Get Set, Plant’ and the results can be seen here.

As well as Onion ‘Marshalls Red Fen’ other onions mentioned were ‘Rumba’, ‘Autumn Gold Improved’ and ‘Red Baron’ all of which are RHS AGM varieties too.

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