One For The Ladies

19 April 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

My potatoes have chitted nicely and are ready to plant. The biggest problem was deciding what to choose, with so many fantastic varieties available it was difficult to make up my mind.

In the end I decided to go with Lady Christl (First Early), Lady Balfour (Second Early), Charlotte (salad) and Setanta (Maincrop).

Seed Potatoes

A couple of weeks ago, I chopped up the mustard that had been over-wintering and dug it in. I then turned the bed over again, removing yet more weeds, roots and grass and dug several trenches about 2ft apart. I applied a liberal sprinkling of Pre-Planting Potato Fertiliser to the bottom and sides of the trench and back-filled the earth, being careful not to disturb the potatoes too much.

When the shoots start to appear, I'll earth up around them but for now I was grateful just to get them in and tick them off the list. 


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