Offer Some Protection

31 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Micromesh Tunnel (Giant)With the dark nights comes the drop in temperatures and there is a real risk of frost damage to your beloved tender plants. If you want to keep them over winter then you’ll have to offer them some protection.

If your plants are borderline hardy then they might be fine with a bit of fleece to cover them with. This increase the temperature by just enough to keep them perfectly safe. For everything else which is a bit more delicate, then you’ll have to bring them under the protection of a greenhouse . This not only keeps them warmer but also keep the wet away from their roots. This can cause rot so by stopping the damp as well as the frost you can protect your plants fully.  

Marshalls tunnels provide year-round protection for almost everything in the vegetable plot and will give you the opportunity to sow and propagate much earlier in the year. Although they give protection against winter cold, late frosts, heavy rain and biting winds, they also help protect your crops from ravages of strong sunshine in the summer, the spread of disease and pest such as birds, animals and insects including carrot-fly, cabbage root-fly, flea beetle and aphids. All of this protection means a longer cropping season, and a better, bigger and undamaged harvest.

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