National Chip Week: 16th to 22nd February

12 February 2015 | Posted in Food by

Sweet Potato Beauregard -5 Slips plantsWho doesn’t like chips? They’re great with every meal which, I suppose, is why we celebrate them during national chip week. Anyone will tell you that home cooked chips are easily the best and gardeners will argue that chips made from potatoes that have been grown in their own garden are the best of all. However, the question which potato is best for making chips has been debated for a long time. Here we offer you what we think are the best spuds for making home made chips.

Cara is a beautifully rounded pink and white tuber with floury white flesh. The smooth tubers with shallow eyes make it perfect for the show-bench. It’s a heavy cropper and has excellent storage potential with good blight resistance. The floury white flesh makes it ideal for fluffy chips.

King Edward is an old but still very popular, traditional variety and deservedly so. The oval tubers have attractive red splashes over the eyes. King Edwards are great for baking and roasting so when you make chips out of these much loved spuds try cooking them in the oven rather than frying.

Maris Bard produces a reliable high yield of regular-shaped, shallow-eyed oval tubers. The flesh is soft creamy-white and waxy, doesn't discolour when boiled and holds its shape well. Try par boiling first before frying, but make sure there is no water on the chips when you drop them in.

Rooster is a main crop potato which has become one of the best sellers in recent years. They are great all-rounders with red skin, shallow eyes and fluffy flesh. You can bake it, boil it, mash it, roast it or fry it but they are best used for chips. Why not use them to make rustic, skin on chips.

Sweet Potato ‘Beauregard’ is our wild card. Ok so it’s not strictly a potato, but the chips it makes are wonderfully sweet and chewy and by far the best option for wedges. It’s also the best sweet potato variety for the UK climate with a compact habit and high yields.

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