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28 August 2013 | Posted in Gardening by

Brassica with Caterpillar damagePigeon DamageRaised bed with brassicasHealthy BrassicasMy Veg Plot in August

Well I have to confess that I haven't spent quite as much time on the veg plot lately as I should have the weather has been so good that we've taken full advantage and have done quite a bit of relaxing with barbecues and days out.

I did however manage to get some Autumn and Winter Brassicas planted about three weeks ago and with the torrential rain we had last week -which was really good in terms of the garden - they are looking very perky indeed. Unfortunately the weeds are also beginning to look good so I must try to get the hoe out over the weekend and get them while they are still small.

I had a disaster a few years ago when Cabbage White Caterpillars devastated my brassica crop practically overnight! So I always pre-empt them and cover with Butterfly Netting as soon as I plant these days.

Netting also keeps the pigeons out, they can really go to town on brassicas too - as I have learned from experience and I'm afraid there are quite a lot of pigeons visiting my garden!

It's amazing how just covering young plants can make such a huge difference to the health of your crop. The images show both caterpillar and pigeon damage a few years ago and the others illustrate the difference a simple thing like netting your crop can make.

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