Marshalls Marshmarvel Strawberry Selected as Premium Supermarket Variety

04 July 2012 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

We always had great faith in strawberry EM1119, so much so that we selected it some 3 years ago as our signature early strawberry variety.  Then last year it caught the imagination of premier supermarket buyers who are offering fruit for sale under the name of Strawberry Vibrant

Now, this new strawberry has been selected as Grower Variety of the Year.  And so it should be.  Of course it’s full on flavour and fruits early too; a week or more before Elsanta. Then on top of that, Strawberry Marshmarvel is very high yielding and  presents its fruit well up above the plant, helping to ensure that berries stay clean. So, if you want to taste a very good strawberry look out for Vibrant.

As we reported last year, Marshmarvel reliably produces a second crop in September. All-in-all that makes Marshmarvel, a very productive strawberry plant.

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