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23 July 2015 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Marshalls have been selecting and breeding varieties for decades, working with expert suppliers to bring top-quality products to its customers. Here are some highlights from 2000 to the present day.

 2000 fan

The turn of the century – a new spud! – 2000

2000 potatoWe launched potato ‘Exquisa’ in the year 2000; a lovely name and a lovely flavour. What’s more it gvies higher yields than other varieties of second-croppers, the plants producing lots of tubers in nice rich soil.

Perfect potatoes for lifting just before Christmas, they’re smooth , clean – and fit for a plush Christmas dinner. Just pop the seed potatoes in the ground in August (pictured) and get the harvests in Advent and into the New Year.


Heralding the heirloom garlics – 2008

2000 garlicIn 2008 Marshalls brought out some lovely garlic varieties, increasing the customers’ choice on the types of ‘grow your own’ garlics for their garden and vegetable plot.

In the turn of the 21st century consumers started to get more and more adventurous with cooking, appreciating the subtle differences between different garlic to produce masterchef-worthy meals.

The softnecks, easy to grow, and storing well are great for the gardeners who want traditional garlics to use through the summer and store into autumn. New in 2008 was ‘Solent Wight’- the name paying homage to the milder Isle of Wight/ Hampshire waterway.

The hardnecks including ‘Lautrec Wight’ – are suited to stir-fries and roasting. This variety originates from south-west France. It has a creamy flavour and a smooth, satisfying texture.


Sweetcorn ‘Marshall’s Honeydew’ – 2012

2000 sweetcornAn exclusive to Marshalls, we launched sweetcorn ‘Marshall’s Honeydew’ in 2012 – as a ‘supersweet’ variety this is a very high quality second-generation Extra Tender sweetcorn type with large cobs, and a simply sublime flavour. Not only are they sweet, they’re tender too so you can eat them raw - straight from the plant!

Grow sweetcorn in grids so the pollen from the male feathers at the top of the plants are more likely to blow on the wind to the tassles on the female flowers beneath.


A self-fruiting runner – 2013

2000 firestormAnother exclusive to Marshalls, we launched runner bean ‘Firestorm’. The perfect runner bean for a English garden, which has to tolerate the unpredictability of the British weather in summer.
Brilliant red flowers make it on top of its game for both the ornamental and the productive garden.

‘Firestorm’ is easy to grow and produces masses of flowers, which set well even in poor weather or high temperatures. Cool summers mean less bees and other pollinators. Less pollinators mean less change of flowers setting into beans. The beans are stringless and when picked young they have all the beauty of a classic runner with a more succulent texture closer to French beans. A popular variety much appreciated by our customers.

The best of strawberry breeding

2000 strawberryWe launched our strawberry ‘Marshmello’ in 1995, so we’re celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Our expert growers have not ceased to trial strawberries since and we’ve come up with some great varieties since and effective new ways to grow them.

Our misted-tip strawberry plants come from an innovative process in strawberry production, increasingly used by commercial growers to give bigger and better first year yields. Plants are produced by taking early, un-rooted runner tips from specially selected mother plants, these are rooted into individual modules in a mist propagation unit and when planted in late summer the plants establish quickly and flower buds are initiated in autumn rather than spring ensuring they are ready to burst into life to give a high first year yield.

Get our misted-tip strawberry plants including varieties ‘Christine’, ‘Malling Centenary’ and ‘Fenella’.

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