Know Your Onions- and when to plant them!

03 March 2009 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Yes – it’s time to get planting onion sets and shallot sets in milder areas, providing the soil is sandy or loam based. In colder areas and areas with clay soil, it will be better to wait until mid April.

If you are planting heat prepared onions, then these generally require planting later, from late March onwards.  The fact is that if you plant them too early, the special treatment that is meant to ensure they do not bolt can be reversed by cold soil conditions. 

To get them off to a cracking start, it is well worth covering newly planted sets with horticultural fleece.  This will not only keep them warm but will protect against birds that will on occasion decide to dig them up.


25 March 2009 - william mckee Wrote:

can i plant my onions in the same bit as last year

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