It's Time to Make Your Own Horseradish Sauce!

13 November 2013 | Posted in Gardening by

Horseradish, root, sauce, plant, leavesIt's Time to Make Your Own Horseradish Sauce!

If you already grow your own horseradish you will be well aware of the delicious pungency of the real thing as opposed to the weak flavour of supermarket jars.  This perennial plant is very hardy and growing it is so easy, in fact rather like mint once you have it will be there forever so finding it a permanent place is crucial.

Looking like a large green Dock leaf this fiery herb has been in cultivation for more than 3,000 years and thrives in the UK climate, it will grow just about anywhereIt and is still found growing wild all over my area. When grown in rich loamy soil the roots will look a bit like parsnip but in heavier soils they will be knobbly and odd shapes but this doesn't detract from either their flavour or usefulness. To harvest just dig it up, any small section of root left in the ground will form new plants for the following year.

Preparing fresh horseradish root is a simple if rather pungent task,  just wash and grate it, take care to protect eyes as the fumes will be more fiery than the strongest onion!

Raw grated horseradish added to a little cider vinegar and cream is superb with roast beef. For an even hotter alternative, add to a little cider vinegar and olive oil. The vinegar will stop the grated root discolouring.

Apparently my dad used to dig wild horseradish from the grass verges in the Fens when he was a boy and sell it to a local agent for delivery to London chefs! I can still remember my mum grating fresh horseradish for her own sauce and the tears that were shed whilst doing it! It may be more pungent than the strongest onion but boy is it delicious!

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