In the Fruit Garden

08 May 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Soft Fruit

Picking Strawberries

Give your fruit plants a spring feed with Growmore or Organic Extra followed by a mulch around the roots to help them retain moisture and keep weeds in check, use home made compost, leafmould, well rotted manure or even grass clippings. Avoid mulching during dry spells, it is best done when soil is nice and moist.

Remove any suckers growing between rows of Raspberries and take out any overcrowded canes to allow light and air through the stems to help fruit ripen leave about six canes per plant. Thin out overcrowded fruit on Gooseberry bushes to allow the remaining fruit to increase in size.

Removing Strawberry runners as they are produced will allow all the energy to go into fruit production rather than into producing more plants. Lay straw or weed suppressing fabric around and between plants to keep fruit clean and easier to pick, straw should also help keep slugs away from the fruit but keep your eyes open for the slimy little molluscs! Covering plants with fleece or cloches will keep them a degree or two warmer and help bring fruit on a bit earlier as well as helping to keep pests at bay. 

Cover Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots overnight with Fleece if a late frost is forecast to protect the emerging blossom. 

Keep all your soft fruit covered with Bird Netting to prevent our feathered friends having a better fruity feast than you do!

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