Improve Your Soil with Caliente Mustard Green Manure

11 September 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Digging in Caliente MustardImprove Your Soil with Caliente Mustard Green Manure

Caliente Mustard is not just a green manure - it also acts as a biofumigant for the soil.

What is Biofumigation?

Biofumigants suppress various soil borne pests and diseases by harnessing the natural chemical agents of plants, releasing naturally occurring compounds to suppress weeds, fungal pathogens and insects.

Healthy soil is a complex web of organisms living in harmony. Using chemical pesticides and herbicides can destroy this delicate balance. Biofumigation is a completely natural way to protect and nurture your soil.
The foliage must be crushed or finely chopped for it to release a natural gas (isothiocyanate) which effectively reduces and suppresses a range of harmful nematodes such as eelworm and wireworm and diseases in the soil.

For the home gardener using natural biofumigation will improve root systems on most crop and soil types measurably increasing yields of following crops. It suppresses a wide range of soil-borne diseases including Verticillium Wilt, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium and Sclerotina and also a wide range of harmful nematodes species.

The combination of biofumigation plus the digging in of the green material, increases beneficial soil microbes, which out-compete pathogen microbes helping to keep soil diseases down. The finer the chop the better the result, running over the area with a rotary mower or strimmer to chop well before digging in to the top 6inches of soil is a simple way of incorporating the crop. 

 Soil structure and fertility are greatly improved and many soft seeded annual weeds will be suppressed noticeably soon after incorporation.

Caliente Mustard can be sown in spring or late summer for a quick crop, or mid-autumn for over-wintering in milder areas.

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