Growing Giant Vegetables - Feature 4

06 August 2010 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

The pumpkins have moved on a bit since July and I can now tell you that Simon and I are close with our weights, one of us is winning but which one? I would rather keep the weights to ourselves until the show but I have attached some pictures.

Below is Simon's Pumpkin


Below is David's Pumpkin


My swedes are doing quite well apart from 2 which I have lost to neck rot, I have also attached a couple of photos of my cabbage, they are now begining to heart up and look good, when they get this big water can lodge in the base of the leaves and rot them so I am keeping a close eye on that now. If they hold water I simply push a bamboo stick through the leaf next to the main vain to let out the water.

I have had some problems with my marrows, they keep splitting! I think it is due to uneven watering and need to do something about this for next year, (the water bill for the pumpkins is probably going to be bad enough this year without putting more on the marrows).

Another 4 weeks until the show now, the worry is keeping everything in one piece now, you don't get any prizes for the biggest split pumpkin!



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