Growing Giant Vegetables - Feature 3

19 July 2010 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

I have been up to see Simon Goldsworthy on the 15th July (pictured below), his best pumpkin is doing very well as you see, it was estimating at 377lbs and on the same evening my best pumpkin was estimating at 390lbs so it is going to be a close race!


I have had a bit of bad luck at the weekend in that my best marrow split open after a downpour of rain, it was growing well and estimated at 105lbs, I still have more marrows but none of them as good as that one.
My best squash this evening has gone over the 500lb mark and now estimates at 507lb which I am very happy with.
If anyone is wondering about the seed names it is quite simply the weight of the pumpkin/squash that the seed came from followed by the surname of the grower, so a 555 Thomas* means the squash weighed in at 555lbs and was grown by me, the * at the end means squash, sometimes you may also see the year '555 Thomas* 09'.



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