Growing Giant Vegetables - Feature 2

08 July 2010 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Getting Started - David's Five Top Giant Veg Growing Tips

David-Giant-Seeds1) Start with the right Seeds - you don’t grow a giant from “normal” seed!

2) Ground preparation is key - the ground needs to be deep, rich and well manured

3) Timing - planting as early as possible, using shelter and protection such as plastic covers or fleece

4) Pest and disease control - make sure you keep on top of this

5) Watering and feeding - what the plant needs , when it needs it!

If you are taking your veg to your first show - (and why not give it a go!), don’t worry if you don’t think it is very big - the other growers are a really friendly bunch who will gladly give you advice and often some seed, to get you going for next time and there is always the possibility that you will win something anyway!

PS: If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.

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12 August 2010 - james Wrote:

Hi David could you put me on to a good supplier for giant veg seed in all classes thanks james

19 August 2010 - David Thomas Wrote:

Hi James, For a lot of the classes it is best to get in contact with a giant veg grower, the best place to find them is at the show in Shepton Mallet 3rd 4th 5th September, or join a giant veg club such as the EGVGA they send a package of seed out every year. For classes like giant raddish (April cross) and giant parsnips (Gladiator) the seed can be found right here on Marshalls web site. Good luck with the veg, David Thomas

31 August 2010 - len Wrote:

where can i get large marrow and onion seeds from

06 October 2010 - Robbie Ryder Wrote:

Hi David My granson is 5 year old and has ask if we can grow a pumkin like your next year could we buy some seeds please a hopeful Grandad from cornwall. Regards, Robbie

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