Growing Giant Vegetables - Feature 1

25 June 2010 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Just to bring you all up to speed - I started my cabbage seeds off in the greenhouse in late October 2009.  We had a couple of cold weeks in Cornwall, in the second week of Jan, with snow on the ground for about 5 or 6 days.

The daytime temperature didn't get much above 2 degrees C. My cabbage were safely tucked away in the greenhouse with the heater going, I picked out the best looking ones on 17th Jan and potted them up.

In early Feb the weather improved so I was able to clear the pumpkin area and spread on some manure. I started a new Giant Veg patch, it's 100' x 40', last December, upon which my brother in law kindly spread a bit of FYM on for me, probably about 6 tonne.

The field was ploughed up on Feb 14th. The poly tunnels in this pictures’ background is for my Pumpkins and Squash. I have a space in the greenhouse ready to grow the 206.5 Wursten marrow.


I planted out my giant cabbage on March 14th- a week ahead of schedule, as rain was forecast for the following weekend.

On Sunday 4th April I started off my Pumpkin and Squash seed, with the aim of growing 4 out of

1689 Jutras,
1457 Paton,
1343 Lyons,
1611 Daho,
1330.5 Johnston-Butler,
and I am going to grow my own Squash 
555 Thomas* (824 Brunst* x 1055 Pitura*)
592 Thomas* (1055 Pitura x 824 Brunst*)

I am also growing Pumpkin plants for my friends George, Simon Goldsworthy (who won last year!), William, Jimmy and Barry. I picked out some good looking crosses from the EGVGA and the GVGO seed packages.

My secret way of starting off seeds is to take off the shells and pop them in zip lock bags on a damp piece of kitchen towel above the cooker where the temperature is a constant 85 deg F.

Of the 31 seeds started I managed to germinate 30. They were planted out on 15th April into the newly erected poly tunnel.

All were growing well throughout May and by June 5th I pollinated the second 592 Thomas* x 555 Thomas*, the second 555 Thomas* x 592 Thomas and the first 1330.5 Johnston - Butler x 1343.5 Lyons.


By June 15th all All plants had got at least one fruit pollinated.

The pumpkins have set fruit which is around the size of a football already.

I hear that Simons pumpkin plant fruit are only golf-ball sized at the moment!



18 July 2010 - khem gurung Wrote:

i want to grow large pumkin, But don,t know when to plant the seeds as well as wher to buy seeds. Advised me please thank you

07 August 2010 - David Thomas Wrote:

Hi Khem, I start my seeds off in early April but they do need frost protection if planted this early, the reason I do this is to get a longer growing season. It's best to get seed from a giant grower, why not come along to the National Giant Veg show at Shepton Mallet on the 3rd,4th and 5th September to see the giant veg on display and perhaps get hold of some seed?

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