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13 February 2018 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

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Save yourself the headache of strawberry shortfalls in the chaos of uncertainty

Nationwide strawberry farms are in turmoil as a 20% shortfall in migrant workers becomes a reality.

Farms across the country were hit last year with a shortage of pickers. Some 80% of growers, asked in a BBC survey, said that recruitment has been difficult to sate the demands of getting British-grown strawberries to the shop shelves.

A National Farmers Union report last year showed that return workers dropped by two thirds from the previous year, spelling a loss of experience. 

And the forecast is looking bleak. With a shortfall of migrant workers from Europe, prices are set to rise by 35%-50% for punnets that we heavily rely on to make our summers special and quintessentially British.

Grow your own strawberries for yields you can trust

Be your own boss and don’t be a slave to up-and-down prices dependant on external factors. Grow your own strawberries in your own plot by getting hold of rooted runners and young plants perfect for home growing.

We want you and your growing community to thrive and enjoy strawberries whatever happens to those crops destined to the supermarket shelves. Not only are sun-ripe strawberries delicious picked from the plants, you’ll be filling your own punnets in no time, making big returns on the fruit we so passionately love about our Wimbledon summers.

So put home-growing at the top of your priority list and don’t come a cropper to inflated prices of much-loved fruits and vegetables.

We recommend you fill your containers and strawberry beds with varieties perfect for growing in the UK. Choose Marshalls Heritage Collection for disease-resistant fruit plants that thrive even in cloudy and dull summers.

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