Grow Your Own Asparagus

03 April 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Grow Your Own Asparagus

 If you love the taste of fresh English Asparagus and like me you rush out to buy the first spears of the season, why not try growing your own if you have a bit of space on your veg plot.

 It is a really easy crop to grow, but good preparation is the key to a productive Asparagus bed.

Remember it will be permanent bed so choose your site carefully Asparagus grows best in an open sunny position but will tolerate some dappled shade. Dig the plot to a good depth and remove all perennial weeds, incorporating plenty of well-rotted manure, home-made compost or Organic Extra. Just prior to planting, apply a dressing of a good general purpose fertiliser such as Growmore or Fish Blood and Bone.

Planting good quality crowns is essential and Marshalls Asparagus are strong well-grown one year old crowns. Once planted do not cut for the first year to allow optimum development of the plants, cut only sparingly in the second year and from then on you will enjoy up to eight weeks cutting of delicious spears each season. Try growing an early season variety and a mid-late season cropper together for a longer harvesting period. 

 A good Asparagus bed can remain productive for many years making it a wonderful investment for any household.  Once mature the crop requires only minimum attention, and you will be rewarded with a delicious crop and believe me nothing matches the flavour and tenderness of fresh spears cut from your own garden dripping with butter or hollandaise sauce - I can taste it already!


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