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11 May 2018 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Our Patio Bowl Pond Collection is the easiest way to introduce a water feature into your garden.
Buy our beautiful Corinthian-style bowl and perennial pond plants that come back year after year, for a fantastic display.

Even if you just have a balcony, this is an easy-create, easy-care water-gardening feature which offers flower-colour in summer and style and sophistication all-year round.

What you need;

  •  1x Corinthian-style patio bowl

At 60cm (24in) in diameter and weighing 4.8kg (10 ½ lb) this classic-style bowl is large yet light so you can choose where it will look right in your garden or balcony before planting.

An attractive pondside perennial, putting up a mass of dainty pastel-coloured flowers in early summer.

Vigorous broad green foliage and amazing large primrose yellow flowers, makes an attractive addition to any garden or pond margin. After foliage has died back in Autumn, cut back to just above the water surface. Has deciduous foliage. 

Excellent for ground-cover and blending in the edge of a pond as it will grow on dry ground and can float across the surface of the water. It will also hang gracefully from raised pond edges. This plant can be trimmed as required at any time during the growing season.

Stunning tall variety with glossy arrow-shaped leaves and large white flowers in summer that look like white candle-flames with a yellow spathe (central structure within the flower). Feature often at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Known as ‘Apache beads’ this variety has beautiful white scented flowers and broad, dark green leaves. An easy-care perennial, little maintenance is required.

Bright and elegant with perfectly shaped blooms, this small-flowered water lily is a classic addition to your garden pond. Rubra stays compact and easy to manage so it is also superb for a tub or barrel pond.


How to… create this water-feature 

Pond how to 1

 Step 1

Decide first where to place the Corinthian bowl in your garden or on your balcony for the finished water-feature, bearing in mind that the aquatic plants will appreciate full sun to light shade.

Pond how to 2

 Step 2

Fill the bowl with aquatic compost. This is a specially-formulated loam-based soil that is perfect for pond-plants. Place all the contents of a 20-litre bag in the bowl. Spread out the compost in the bowl to roughly form five flat-topped mounds around the edge and a deep cavity in the centre.

Pond how to 3

 Step 3

Place the 1-litre aquatic plants (except the Dwarf water lily Nymphaea Pygmaea Rubra) on top of the mounds in their containers so that the tops of the 1-litre containers are slightly beneath the lip of the Corinthian bowl.

In the centre, place the container of the Dwarf water lily Nymphaea Pygmaea Rubra) in the hole so that most of the container is buried in the aquatic soil. This is the perfect depth for planting waterlilies so their lily-pads sit flush to the surface of the water.

Pond how to 4

 Step 4

Fill the Corinthian bowl, using a watering can with a rose (sprinkling spout). This is to make sure you don’t displace the aquatic compost that you’ve placed carefully around and under the plants. Expect some movement of the soil but endeavour to disturb it as little as possible. At first the water will be murky and opaque; this will settle however within a couple of days and clear.

Your finished display

Enjoy watching your Pond Bowl Collection thrive and develop through the summer. In late-autumn cut back dead stems and leaves ready for a beautiful display the following year.


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