Chervil and Coffee - Slug Deterrents?

22 July 2012 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

What a summer – droughts one moment – floods the next. And now the biggest slug invasion for years.  Forget nematodes for an immediate response to those attacking little blighters – everyone’s sold out until September.

Fine if you don’t using  chemical treatments.  Otherwise, here’s two novel ideas.  We’ve been using ground coffee to keep slugs off our Hostas for years. Just tip the ‘grounds’ out of your filter or cafetiere on the ground around the plants.  I promise you success.

Now for my next tip. To keep slugs from those lovely delicate salads sown this time of year, sow some Chervil too. Not only does it deter slugs – it also produces an outstanding salad leaf with a slight aniseed flavour.  It really is quite special and you can keep on sowing it right in to autumn to produce great winter salads too.

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