Best foods to fight acid reflux and stomach troubles

04 May 2016 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Blog beetrootDo you suffer from acid reflux or stomach troubles that at best cause you discomfort throughout the day or at worst medical treatment?

Here are our top five foods you can grow yourself and introduce more of into your diet. They may just help in keeping stomach pains and indigestion troubles at bay.

1) Melon to combat acid reflux

Blog melonA greenhouse crop to try in your own garden given suitable support and humidity. Choose from the hondeydew type, Cantaloupes or watermelon. The fibre content helps to buffer acid build-up. NB - a small number of people react badly to melon- please check allergies.




2) Greens for alkaline-rich meals

Blog spring greensBrassicas include a range of vegetables that allow you harvests 12 months of the year. Spring greens in April or calabrese in November, try greens as an accompaniment to tasty dishes or as smoothies for easy-digest and healthy supplements to a healthy balanced diet.




3) Supplement with celery

Blog celeryA strong-tasting vegetable that you either like or dislike, celery is packed with very rich in vitamin K and also contains folate, vitamin A, potassium, and vitamin C. Despite being mainly water, celery also provides a fair amount of dietary fibre- excellent for neutralising acids.




4)  Benefit from healthy herbs

Blog herbsGrow a range of herbs in containers and you can be harvesting them all year round. Pack flavour into a range of meals. Grow mint, sage and parsley in semi-shade or thyme, basil and oregano in full sun for tasty and easy-grow health-beneficial herbs.


5) Fibre-rich root vegetables

Root vegetables such as beetroots and radishes are high in roughage which is great for digestion. Eat radishes raw in salad - they're fresh and crunchy with just a bit of bite. You can also boil beetroot (main picture) and use the liquid for stocks later.  


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