Bees in my Nest Box

18 June 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Bees in Nest BoxBees in Nest BoxBees in my nest box

While sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee at the weekend my husband noticed some bees buzzing around a nesting box we have on the corner of the pergola. Last year the box it was home to a family of sparrows but on further investigation this year it appears the bees have moved in!

They are the same ones that have been frantically buzzing in and out of my Nectaroscordum flowers for the last couple of weeks and I have identified them as the Tree Bee, Bombus hypnorum, apparently nest boxes are one of their favourite habitats - I just wish they were a little further away from our sitting area! I think like most bumble bees they are not really aggressive unless the nest is knocked or vibrated so I'm hoping we'll all jog along quite nicely together.

 I'm really quite fascinated by their comings and goings and can sit for ages watching them but my husband is not a great fan of bees - well it's more wasps to be fair - he is of the ‘run about flapping your arms' brigade  if a wasp comes calling!

Considering the state of our bee population at the moment I count myself quite lucky to have plenty of them in my garden. Although the Tree Bee isn't a native to the UK, having only arrived on our shores in 2001, it hails from Europe and Asia and has spread quickly over the last decade but does not seem to be a threat to our native species - intensive farming methods have managed to do that quite spectacularly!


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