Beautiful Begonias

12 February 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Beautiful Begonias

For a really eye-catching summer hanging basket, beautiful Double Begonias are hard to beat.

For the biggest and best blooms tuberous Begonias need to be started early, they can be slow to get going but once they start they put on a show that is second to none!

 Tubers should be started in pots or trays or they can be started straight into a hanging basket, plant with the depressed side of the tuber uppermost and only cover the tuber with a very thin layer of compost. Keep the compost just moist but not wet.  If you remove the first flower buds that form when the plant is still small it will result in larger flowers later on.

The young plants should not be placed outdoors until all danger of frost has passed. Harden plants off gradually by moving them outdoors in a sheltered shady spot on warm days but bring them back in before temperatures drop in the evening.

 Once the weather has settled and you are confident all danger of frost is past move the baskets or containers to their permanent position on the patio. These Begonias will thrive in a lightly shaded position without too much direct sun where they will give you a glorious display all summer long.

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