Bare Root Trees and Delivery

11 November 2016 | Posted in General by The Marshalls Family

Our bare-root plant deliveries are experiencing a delay due to mild weather and a lack of rain. 

When a customer orders a bare-root plant such as a rose or a fruit tree we have to lift the plant from the ground. To do that we require two things:

Fruit TreesFirstly a series of night-time frosts: this tells the plants to become dormant for the winter and to shed their leaves. Leaf-shedding is important as the plants draw the nutrients from the leaves to the roots so the roots can continue to grow over winter once the leaves have shed.


Secondly we require rain, and quite a lot of it, to help loosen the soil. Then, when lifted, the roots are not damaged from being pulled out of a hard dry soil.

Right now the weather is exceptionally mild for the time of year and as you are aware we are not experiencing enough rain. This is causing a delay in the delivery of your plants. We will keep you updated as best we can and as soon as we can deliver your bare-root plant we will.

As always we follow our "Right On Time Delivery Program"

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