Autumn Bedding Plants

17 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Autumn is so much more than the changes in foliage colour. It’s the height of the bedding season and autumn bedding plants provide a vast range of colours for you to fill your beds, borders and containers. There are so many to choose from and to help you our here are twelve that we think are top notch!  

Pansy ‘Delta Mixed’ has been refined over 20 years to give you proven garden performance, even in adverse weather conditions. It performs well in low light conditions and has an even, non-stretching habit to give you perfect pots, containers and borders of colour when other plants are just getting started.

Pansy ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ has charming flowers that are all ruffled and frilled! A fantastic mix of eye-catching colours all with a wonderfully frilly edge that makes ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ stand out from the crowd! ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ gives an amazing flowering performance over a long period.

Viola ‘Blueberry Frost’ is a delightful and sophisticated mix of dainty flowers in every hue from dark to light blue. Perfect planted on their own or for adding a cool contrast to other brightly coloured spring flowers.

Viola ‘Jump’ has dainty flowers in plain and bi-colours and when planted together sparkle like gems in shades of ruby, amethyst and topaz. Each Individual bloom may look delicate but en masse they make a big impact both in containers and at the front of the border.

Viola ‘Twix Lemon’ has cheeky little faces that seem to peep at you from your borders. These distinctive violas with their little gold faces make a brilliant spring display and they’ll match perfectly with the similarly coloured Gavota tulips and wallflowers.

Polyanthus ‘Fire Dragon’ has spectacular flamed colour combinations that are bound to turn up the heat in your early season bedding display. They can be planted in beds, borders, containers and baskets for high-impact displays and the hardy flowers will continue to bloom from February right through to June.

Polyanthus ‘Crescendo’ is the original and best hardy polyanthus! Crescendo is widely recognised as the best Polyanthus bedding variety because it’s truly winter hardy and has superior disease resistance so is perfect for mass planting in beds and borders.

Primrose ‘Husky Mix’ has been specially bred to cope with variable UK growing conditions. The vibrant colours will brighten the dullest days through to late spring. Very easy to grow in beds, borders or containers.

Primrose ‘Candy Mix’ flowers for ages and always come up smiling! Don’t let these pretty flowers fool you, they will cope with anything the weather can throw at them!

Aurbrieta ‘Royal Violet’ produces dense mats of brilliantly coloured flowers. Planted into walls and crevices or on sunny rockeries Aubrieta thrives in free -draining soil and its flowers, which bloom from March to May, are magnets for early pollinators.

Wallflower ‘Sugar Rush’ is a new Wallflower with a superbly sweet fragrance. It flowers in a veritable rainbow of colours, a complete breakthrough in wallflower development. ‘Sugar Rush’ flowers in the Autumn and again in the Spring.

Dianthus ‘Festival Mix’ produces masses of sweetly scented blooms. These compact, mound-forming, evergreen perennials are winter hardy and tolerant of summer heat. They produce clusters of brightly coloured, lacy edged flowers over a very long period.

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