Asking neighbours to water the garden can be difficult...

24 September 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

It is a long time since I have arranged a holiday for August. It is usually November when the bulk of the garden has been put to bed.

Having got home from a holiday in Wales last week I now appreciate why we always go in Nov. Asking neighbours to water the garden can be difficult, especially when they are not keen gardeners. I thought I had cracked it by asking them to just do the greenhouse, and leaving nature to do the rest.

The first hurdle was how much water each container and growbag needed and how often. Tomatoes about a watering can, peppers and chilies just a little, cucumbers don’t allow drying out. Sweet potatoes I have been guessing at, as it is my first attempt. In the end it was easier to say what ever you can do will be fine, and please help yourself to any produce. What I forgot to say was don’t be polite keep picking, and don’t allow any crop to get to big.

The garden survived very well most of the fruit was ready for picking, we missed the late raspberries and the beans are all over 10inches long, and the courgettes are now marrows.

My first attempt at growing autumn new potatoes in Gro-sacks may not materialize, as I had forgotten to ask for them to be watered, so the potatoes will be tiny or none at all.

The autumn bedding plug plants have arrived and have been potted on. I am not in a hurry to clear the late summer bedding as it is an absolute picture at the moment. The Begonias are stunning with the Cosmos, Cleome, and Euphorbia Blush not far behind. It is a mass of colour.

It will soon be time to split the Hostas and think about next years Sweet Peas. Where has the year gone?

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