A Weekend of Gardening!

03 July 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Tomato plantsA Weekend of Gardening

My weekend was all planned out, try to get all the potting up of containers and re-potting of cucumbers and tomatoes into their final pots for the rest of the summer - some of my tomato plants have been in their 1 litre pots for far too long, Losetta is already in flower!

Satrurday afternoon went almost to plan and with the help of Libby my granddaughter I got most of the potting up done - so far so good. That left me with the first new potatoes to dig on Sunday morning, well to be fair my husband did that part! And after Sunday lunch I was going to tackle the lovely job of cutting back all the foliage of the daffodils that grow in a small bed beside the driveway with a bit weeding as I went along, I've usually done this weeks ago but this year everything is so late. I've got some Campanula Blue Clips to plant in any spaces I might find once I've cleared the area.

However, all that will have to wait for another time as I was thwarted just as I was getting started on the daffs in the form of my youngest granddaughter who apparently desperately needed to come to visit with us on Sunday afternoon (how she communicated this I'm not sure as she is only nine months old!) so instead of doing my exciting gardening chores off came the gloves out came the garden chairs and we all lounged about in the sunshine with a cool glass of beer or wine (or juice in Millies case) - and a very splendid Sunday afternoon in the garden it was too!

Will I manage to get out and get the daff leaves trimmed up tonight after work - well who knows, stranger things have happened!

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