A Garlic Growing Bonus!

12 February 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

A Garlic Growing ‘Bonus’!

What’s this I hear you ask!

 Well, it’s a Garlic ‘Scape’ – it’s what you sometimes get if you grow your own hardneck garlic - call it a bonus from your garlic bulb.

 It’s the flowering stem and is produced about a month after the leaves, it is usually cut off as it begins to twist and curl, so all the energy from the plant goes back into the developing bulb – however do not discard these twisty, curly ‘scapes’, they are delicious added to all sorts of dishes and have a lovely garlicky flavour. They make delicious pesto and are great in stir-fries.

 Garlic has been grown in Britain since Roman times and the only way to experience the very best flavour is to grow your own. Indeed if you are a lover of garlic it makes perfect sense to do so – and it couldn’t be easier. In fact it is as easy for a novice gardener to grow as it is for the more experienced grower! You can even grow garlic in containers.

 If growing it early you will need a variety specially bred to be planted in the Spring to get the best results, our Spring Planting Garlic section has a good choice of varieties, Lautrec Wight is a good hardneck variety.

 Garlic is a real sun-lover so choose the sunniest spot in your garden for the best results. It will grow well in most fertile soils but does like moist soil with reasonable drainage. 

 Plant individual cloves with the pointed end uppermost and about an inch deep and water well. Do not allow to dry out during the growing season and by the middle of summer you will be harvesting your own delicious garlic bulbs – and of course you may even get some ‘Scapes’ for an extra crop!

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