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Blackberry Black Cascade - 3x Plants

  • Catalogue Code 1060-5930
  • Pack Contents: 3x 9cm Potted Raspberry Plants
  • Perfect for baskets
  • Easy to grow
  • Delicious berries

Blackberries are loaded with vitamin C and make the perfect plant to grow in the garden to add to a healthy diet. This thornless variety is a pleasure to harvest.

If you want the taste of delicious blackberries without the hassle of scrambling through thorny bushes, then this is the ideal plant for you.

This particular variety has been bred so that it will thrive in a manner of different containers including hanging baskets. It will not get too vigorous and take over and remains compact and easy to manage. If planted in a hanging basket, place it at the perfect height for picking and with three plants you will not be lacking in berries. The Blackberry Black Cascade makes an attractive and delicious alternative hanging basket choice.

30cm / 12in


  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun

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Blackberry Black Cascade - 3x Plants 1060-5930


Unpack your plants as soon as possible. Although Black Cascade is particularly suited to containers and hanging baskets due it is dwarfing nature, it can also be grown in a similar style to traditional blackberries just without the height. 


Choose a basket or container that is a minimum of 14 inches (35.5cm) in diameter but ideally 16 inches.
Line the base of the container with a small layer of gravel to aid drainage. Ideally plant 1 x 9cm per hanging basket, however you can plant up to 3 x 9cm per basket if you would like the basket to fill up quicker. Blackberries are tolerant of most soils though prefer moisture retentive but free draining medium. For containers a general multipurpose will suit. Add a slow release fertiliser to the compost to ensure it is nutrient rich. Water well and place in a Sunny sheltered position. Blackberries will tolerate light shade but are considerably more productive in Sun.


If you decide not to plant Black Cascade in a container, the variety will perform equally as well in the ground. Prepare the soil before planting. Though blackberries can cope with most soil types, if your soil is particularly heavy clay, chalky or sandy then it would help the plant considerably if bulky organic matter is added before planting. Though Black Cascade is a dwarf variety, as a blackberry it can be particularly productive, so ensure there is plenty of space between the plants. Ideally around 1m apart. Black Cascade can be left without support to scramble up to 1m in spread; otherwise a system of horizontal wires can be used to train the canes to. 


As a Primocane, Black Cascade fruits on the current year’s growth. This is similar to an Autumn fruiting raspberry. Therefore during early Spring (February) cut down all of the canes to a healthy bud. This may seem drastic but it will ensure that the plant is triggered to produce lots of new shoots in the Spring that will be ready for harvesting in the Autumn. Each Spring add a layer of mulch, ideally well-rotted manure or garden compost. Throughout the growing season feed regularly with either a top dressing of slow release fertilizer or a seaweed based liquid feed. After a number of years the hanging basket will become thick with roots and the plant will benefit from repotting into a larger container.


Plants when they finally arrived were in poor condition but do seem to be recovering.


Great quality plants ready to be planted


They appear to be thriving already. I have high hopes of them based on my previous experience of plants bought from Marshalls.

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