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Bird/Pond Netting 4m x 10m

  • Catalogue Code 1090-8001
  • Pack Contents: 4m x 10m Netting
  • Dual-function bird and pond netting
  • Knitted high-density polyethylene for weather endurance
  • Protected from UV radiation
  • Size: 13ft x 33ft / 4m x 10m


Discreet but effective pond netting, 4m x 10m / 13ft x 33ft. Protect your beloved fish from predators and help keep your pond clear from falling leaves and debris at the same time!

Fish can go missing sometimes and it's often down to a pesky cat or heron. Netting helps prevent these predators from fishing out your pond creatures or expensive carp by making it very difficult for them to get their paws or beaks through.

Netting helps prevent leaves and debris from getting into your pond and settling at the bottom, meaning the water stays clearer for longer.

This high-quality pond netting is UV protected and made from knitted HDPE, making it long-lasting, strong and fray-proof. 


No More Birds Stealing Your Crops!

With a very strong knitted construction, the 20mm x 20mm mesh is ideal for keeping birds off your freshly planted crops or you're ripening soft fruits

This bird netting is the best way of stopping one of the most destructive pest in the garden, the soft to touch netting is easy to use, can be cut without fraying and is very discreet.

13ft x 33ft

Expensive item (delivered for about 30) for what it is. Photo had led me to expect something else. Product delivered was stretchy green not vaguely rigid black.



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