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Bio-Bug All Natural Fertiliser & Soil Improver

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4808
  • Pack Contents: 1x 3.5kg Tub

This all sustainable 100% natural pelleted fertiliser and soil improver contains everything you need to take care of your garden and create a sustainable healthy garden throughout the entire year.

It is suitable to use on: lawns, around fruit trees, in flower beds and plants and in fruit and vegetable growing areas. The Organic matter will absorb water, retain minerals and stimulate soil life.

As it is made from 80% organic matter, vegetable waste , insect skin (chitin) and insect frass it will help to create a healthy soil which will improve plant growth, bloom and offer the plants resistance to illness, making your garden healthier and happier.

Easy to apply simply sprinkle in the desired location and rake into the top soil, water well and it will start to break down and work in your garden.

Comes in a resealable 3.5 kg tub

Child and pet friendly

NPK : 3-2-4

Magnesium (Mg0) 7g/kg

Calcium (Ca) 3g/kg

Copper (Cu) 14mg/kg

Iron (Fe) 750 mg/kg

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