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  • £11.99 each
    • Quantity: 6 regular canes (2 canes of each variety)
    • Catalogue No.: 1060-5831
  • £26.97 each
    • Quantity: 18 regular canes (6 canes of each variety)
    • Catalogue No.: 1060-5835

£11.99 each

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Award Winning Raspberry Collection x6 Canes

  • Catalogue Code 1060-5831
  • Pack Contents: 6 regular canes (2 canes of each variety)

All three of these well-known primocane varieties are proven winners, carrying the coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit. Primocane varieties flower and fruit on the first year’s growth, and are exceptionally easy to maintain and care for. They will fruit well into autumn – even after October – and being short, the canes need little or no support. All three are perfect for the home gardener or those with smaller fruit and vegetable plots.

The collection consists of 6 canes, 2 canes each of:

Autumn Bliss-With its distinctive red berries, disease resistance and long cropping season from early August to first frosts, this short, strong caned variety has been the gardeners’ choice for many years.

All Gold-A novel variety producing attractive yellow fruit for lovely autumn colour. The same vigour, habit and cropping potential as Autumn Bliss but with superior, sweeter-tasting fruit.

Polka-The ‘must have’ primocane variety for every home gardener, with exceptional yields of up to 2.5kg per plant in ideal conditions, and sweet tasting fruit twice the size of Autumn Bliss!


Why buy primocane raspberries?

-you can pick primocane raspberries until the first frost!

-Plant & eat same year! Primocane varieties flower and fruit in the first year.

-they are asy to maintain: simply cut back to ground level in January/February.

- Short, sturdy canes need less support and are easier to grow – perfect for smaller gardens!

Primocane (autumn-fruiting) varieties fruit on canes produced in the current year. After cropping, these should be cut down to ground level to promote the growth of new canes. Allow primocane raspberry beds to spread up to 2.5ft/0.75m wide but dig out any canes which start to grow between the rows.


  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Attracts Bees
  • Will flower well in full sun

Growing Calendar for Award Winning Raspberry Collection x6 Canes

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Plant Outdoors

Award Winning Raspberry Collection x6 Canes 1060-5831

Planting Raspberries
Plant in an area of the garden or allotment that is sheltered from strong winds and preferably a sunny site. Partial shade is acceptable.
Dig in lots of bulky manure into the soil to increase soil fertility and improve the soil texture to make it more airy and better draining.
Plant bare-roots ‘canes’ in late autumn or early spring. Just soak the canes in a bucket of water to hydrate the roots temporarily before planting. While they are soaking you can prepare the planting hole/ trench (for more than one plant).


Canes came in good condition and well packed. Very satisfied with quality.


excellent value very well packed


Got the roots planted . Looking in A1 condition. Just waiting for the summer

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