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Autumn/Winter Booster Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 2.5kg

  • Catalogue Code 80100170
  • Pack Contents: 2.5kg bag of Winter Booster

Get hold of the perfect seed mix for cute garden birds to keep them alive in the winter when the weather plummets. We’ve brought together nine nutritional seeds and nuts with maximal calories per gram to bring in colourful garden birds over the merciless winter.

Robins enjoy this mix of energy-rich seeds, sourced and selected from UK farms. The seeds fit all beak-sizes in their whole form or are fragmented to manageable chunks so even pretty birds with small beaks like blue tits can take advantage of this energy-packed food source.

With supplementary oil for healthy feathers, Winter Booster gives birds the foundation for an effective insulating layer of underfeathers vital for overwintering.

Autumn/Winter Booster Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 2.5kg 80100170

  • Ensure your feeding station is sheltered and high enough to avoid predators.
  • Hang multiple feeders to avoid over crowding and give more birds a chance to feed.
  • Disinfect your feeders regularly and dispose of any old or damp food.
  • Ensure birds have a source of clean water for drinking and bathing.

birds love it - my garden is a flurry of birds

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