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Automatic Watering Spikes Kit

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2056
  • Pack Contents: 3 Short & 3 Long Spikes, 3x 500ml & 3x 650ml Green Flasks, 6 adjustable drippers

Going on holiday, but worried about your hanging baskets and containers?

Rest assured - keep your flowerbeds, containers and hanging baskets well-watered, lush and colourful while you’re away with this first-on-the-market, easy-to-use self-watering kit.

This value-for-money water system waters your plants for you and is ideal for when you’re on holiday, or simply as a weight off your mind and saving you time and effort on watering.

Just plunge the watering spikes into soil near your plants and the adjustable dripper within the spikes drips out water at a controlled rate according to the weather. Less, when the surrounding temperature is cool, and more when the warms up. It even automatically switches off at night so no dripping, spillage or waste.

The 500ml attractive green flasks hold enough water to keep semi-shaded hanging baskets and large pots well-watered for over a week. And because the spikes deliver water directly to the roots, there’s no water wasted through leaf and soil-surface evaporation. The 650ml flasks will provide water for plants for even longer.

The adjustable drippers fit most plastic bottles too – which you can use instead of the flasks if you’re leaving your garden plants for a longer period of time.

Great to use all year round, they’re invaluable in summer pots and flowerbeds outdoors, and then in winter too for house and conservatory plants. So use them season after season, year after year.

The well-stocked kit comes with;

3 x short spikes ideal for smaller pots and shallow troughs, and 3 x long spikes, best for flowerbeds with tall plants or free-standing conservatory and houseplants.

3 x attractive green flasks (500ml and 650ml)

6 x aqua balance adjustable dripper


Worked as stated.


I've been away for a week, the weather has been very warm and there is still some water left in the bulbs. Major point is that my plants are still alive.


Brilliant and simple way to keep plants watered while away

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