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Auto-ignition Weed Wand x1

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2167
  • Pack Contents: 1x kit

Quick and easy weed zapper perfect for getting rid of weeds all around the garden. Whether spot weeding on the lawn for weeds like dandelions or ridding weed in the cracks between the patio slabs and concrete pavings, this eliminates the weeds in no time at all.

Comfortable and easy-to-handle its angled head means it gets into all the awkward nooks and krannies that weeds just love to grow in.

Ignition happens with just the press of a button positioned near to your hand. The high-temperature flame disrupts the cell walls of weeds causing them to wilt so no need for expensive toxic chemicals.

Ideal for clearing paths and patios, rockeries and walls; it’s also versatile enough to de-ice frozen drives and pavements making them safe to walk on.

Fitting means easy-to-attach gas-source can be added which are available in most hardware stores and some supermarkets.

Gas canister NOT included 

86cm x 22.5cm x 7cm


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