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Aubergine Moneymaker - Grafted Plants

  • Catalogue Code 1080-7005
  • Pack Contents: 3x Grafted Aubergine Plants

Aubergine 'Moneymaker' F1 generation hybrid seeds produce excellent quality aubergine plants which gives reliable results all from the comfort of your home or vegetable patch.

These are grafted plants: a little pricier than non-grafted plants granted, but with the price comes big, big benefits.

The stems of one plant are fused onto the roots of others to give you the best of both worlds – so you get extra vigorous roots supporting a canopy of fruit and leaves that produce lots of fruit.

Why grow grafted?

  • Much more vigorous giving greater amounts of top-quality fruit and vegetables
  • Greater resistance to diseases like mildew
  • Harvests come sooner and last longer than non-grafted plants
  • Tougher when faced with nutritional disorders

Being purple Aubergine Moneymaker is naturally high in antioxidants which is great news for those wanting to boost their immune system for wellbeing in the long term. We recommend you grow Moneymaker with tomatoes and basil. All these foods are proven to be super healthy and the Mediterranean diet is lauded as one of the healthiest in the world.

Aubergine Moneymaker is well suited to greenhouse growing but will fruit when grown in large pots on a warm and sunny patio. With outstanding fruit quality, Moneymaker is a prolific cropper.

Your aubergine plants need to be kept well watered and should be fed regularly with a nutritious   tomato plant food, high in potash once the individual fruits start to swell.


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Will flower well in full sun

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Plant Outdoors

Ok - plants reasonable size & in pretty good condition. Will reserve final judgement until we see how they crop.


Poor things arrived in the 'whilst I was away' debacle & looked very sad. But clearly extremely tough - have gone on to grow into the most impressive plants I've seen for years. Would recommend to anyone.


Lovely plants. Well packaged and arrived in great condition.

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