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Athens Square 40cm Taupe Planter

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4533
  • Pack Contents: 1x 40cm Planter
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Suitable for houseplants, garden plants and container crops
  • Generous 40cm x 40cm square pot
  • Attractive pattern
  • Weatherproof and lightweight for easy transporting
  • Large enough for patio trees, roses and shrubs

Get your container garden looking top notch with this Athens Square Taupe Planter. Made in the UK this planter has a minimal carbon footprint so is environmentally sound. The material is more lightweight and weather-resistant than true stone or terracotta so more durable in the outdoors especially during periods of frost.

You receive your planter, arriving at your door with a complete hole-free base so you can use it to house houseplants. If you want to make your planter a garden container there are parts of the base that you can easily punch holes into to create the perfect drainage ports.

Useful tip:

We recommend that you use the planter to house crops like carrots, leafy salads and herbs. Give a favourite ornamental tree or patio fruit tree outdoors at home with this planter. Partner with the Athens Round Taupe Planter, again 40cm wide for a complete container display of your favourite ornamental bulbs, shrubs and trees.

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